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Demon? Or just a Nasty Little Bastard?

What’s with all the “demons”? …Or are these nasty little bastards just parasitic entities?

Let me hang over the edge here and propose something new. Religion calls them demons. …Hmmm. That sounds really, really bad. Like levitation …and 360 degree head turns …and projectile vomit bad. It seems like everyone has a “demon” these days. Do the math. The United States has a population of over 300 million with virtually everyone pissed off about something. […]

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Ghost Radar App

Ghost Radar Mobile App: Fun toy, Yes! …But not legit ghost hunting equipment

A few months ago I saw Ghost Radar (mobile app by Spudpickles) online. Since the product description was clearly marked “for entertainment purposes” I dismissed it without a second thought. However, this past weekend, while on investigation, I saw 2 separate teams of very serious and intelligent investigators using Ghost Radar in the field. Yikes! Didn’t […]

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Ghost Box Sessions

Ghost Box Sessions: Discerning Random Noise from Intelligent Responses

This past weekend I was conducting an investigation just north of Augusta, Maine at a home and mill complex with well documented paranormal/ ghost activity. I witnessed a few things that I found both odd and intriguing. Members of my investigative group and I conducted a “ghost box” (AKA “spirit box”) experiment. A ghost box is […]

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Are ghosts really dead or alive in a hidden dimension?

Define “Ghost”

Paranormal investigation shows are lots of fun to watch, but what are we really looking at when we see “ghosts“, shadow people, plasma or energy orbs? Since quantum physicists have proven that time is NOT linear, I am exploring the possibility that “ghosts” are NOT dead, but live people living along side us in their […]

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